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    The Parents - Teens User Guide

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A title that speaks and will make more than one parent smile! I read it while welcoming the child of my companion. I say to myself on the one hand that it is necessary to soften the possible but foreseeable slamming of door and on the other hand that this probably adorable little girl who will soon hatch my nights. Parents - Teen Instructions for Use? And Amber Franrenet Cazaudehore has taken things in hand and preferred to share his writing, and that of his beautiful daughter. This book is an intimate story that recounts in a humorous tone the daily Astrid and his mother-in-law, the starting point of this book. It is a practical guide that includes testimonials from other parents, teenagers and professionals in education and many tips to get through this perilous period of trouble. Yes it is quite possible to live together and pleasantly this stage: The adolescence “The studio“ Catherine Salez receives in Amber Franrenet Cazaudehore, camera: Christiane and Yves. Realization ré

«Le Petit Rhéta» un journal satirique et humoristique sera lancé dès le printemps 2018. Ce support bimensuel est constitué d’un journal d’actualités traité de manière décalée et intégrant des publicités de l’actualité et des reportages.

«Le Studio» dont les reportages ont déjà commencé à s’ouvrir à l’extérieur de l’île et à s’intéresser à La Rochelle ainsi qu’à la Région.